SeRVICES and Fees



Our firm will serve as your agents throughout the entire assessment appeal process until we achieve the desired results. This process includes, but is not limited to, taking over your existing application or filing a new assessment appeal, underwriting your entire case, negotiating with the assessors office, as well as representing you at all formal Assessment Appeals Board hearings. 

In addition, we will continue to monitor your assessment in future years to ensure your property continues to reflect the fair market value. We charge no up front fees and do not charge any fees until we are able to achieve savings on your property. It is our goal to ensure that you are paying taxes only on assessed values that reflect fair market value and nothing more. 

  • Preliminary assessment appeal analysis in order to calculate the probability of success. 
  • No upfront fees and no fee charged unless we are successful in granting you savings.
  • Thorough understanding of different sub-markets, property types, and market conditions that can be tailored to the specific subject property in order to maximize the reduction of the assessed value. 
  • We conduct all necessary underwriting, adjustments and research in order to prepare your case and provide only the best available data that will enhance the success of your appeal.     
  • Negotiation of all relevant evidence, figures, the final and fair assessed valuation with the County Assessor, and if necessary, represent the client  before the county Assessment Appeals Board at all formal hearings.
  • Consistent success with a 99% overall success rates with all appeals we move forward on. 

PROPERTY and appeal Types

Single Family Residential


We have successfully appealed single family residential properties throughout California. Let us put our experience and understanding of different sub-markets to work for you.

Investment Properties


Multi-Family, Industrial, Commercial, Land

Our staff is proficient in all property types with access to data and industry relations to support our valuation

Recent Developments


If your property underwent an extensive re-development or was built within the last 4 years, now is the time to proactively appeal your final construction assessment before it is permanent. 

Base Year Appeal


Acquisitions, New Construction, Ownership

If you have recently received a new or updated supplemental tax bill due to new construction, an issue in the transfer of ownership or have simply acquired a new property, we can pursue a base year appeal to contest and permanently reduce the base-value that will be reflected on your tax bill for the duration of your ownership.

Decline in Value


Over-Assessed Values or Loss of Income

Regardless of when your property was acquired, consult with a member of our staff for a free evaluation to determine if your current assessed value exceeds the fair market value of your property.



Unforeseeable Damages or Natural Disasters

If an unforeseeable event or natural disaster has damaged your property, you are eligible to receive a refund on your property taxes until your property is restored to its full and best use.