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LA Times LA Times | February 26, 2009
Offer to Reassess Home Raises Red Flag

One firm is charging $179 upfront for filing a request for a review that's free through L.A. County.
Story by David Lazarus

If you're a homeowner, you may have received an official-looking letter recently informing you that your property needs to be reassessed for tax purposes. The cost of the reassessment is $179, but you'll have to pay an additional $30 if you don't mail in your application within the next few weeks... Read Full Story >> | February 12, 2009
Homeowners Should Beware Of Property Tax Scams

LOS ANGELES. The state attorney general issued a consumer alert Thursday about companies that are offering California homeowners property tax relief.

"This blatant and costly scam holds out hope to homeowners that their property taxes will be reduced if they pay hundreds of dollars to a middleman to have their property re-evaluated," Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. said in a statement... Read Full Story >>


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